Yoga Transformation 2020 - 200 hours

Certified Teacher Training for personal and professional transformation
February thru December 2020

Main Topics

  • Anatomy and physiology principles applied to yoga

  • History and foundations of the art-science of yoga

  • Yogism: Eastern Philosophy for the West

  • Study of various yoga schools

  • Complete and comprehensive study of "Asanas" postures.

  • The development of sequences of postures for holistic health

  • Breathing techniques in "Pranayama" yoga

  • Yoga for children principles

  • Principles of restorative posture sequences, for special populations and for women's health

  • Principles of specialized techniques such as "Kriyas - Mudras and Bandhas" for holistic health

  • The language of the yoga teacher, the correct ways to correct and adjust the students

  • Total integration through "Samadhi" meditation

  • Demonstration classes to develop a sound foundation for your teaching techniques.


We meet for workshops two Sundays every month (from 8:30am to 5:30pm) for practical and theoretical studies. This workshops in combination with required weekly classes enhances the capacity to integrate practice and theory (Weekly Classes Itinerary)

  • February 2 & 16

  • March 1 & 15

  • April 5 & 19

  • May 3 & 17

  • June (May 31st) & 14

  • July 12 & 26

  • August 2 & 16

  • September (Aug 30) & 13

  • October 4 & 18

  • November 8 & 22

  • December 6



  • 200 hours of study in yoga practice and theory licensed by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and Yoga Alliance

  • Complete Manual For The Yoga Teacher (in English)

  • 50% discount in weekly classes

  • Three Experienced Yoga Teachers to help your be the best teacher you can be

Additional themes included

  • Yogic healthy eating

  • Sanskrit basics

  • Non-Violent Communication Basics

  • Conscious writing basics

  • Devotional music and chanting principles

  • Business aspects for yoga teaching



The workshop maximizes the mastery in the area of oga by three exceptional facilitators:

Shanti Ragyi, MA, MPC, LMT, ERYT
He has more than 40 years of experience in the study and teaching of yoga, relaxation, meditation and total well-being. She is the author of the titles Yoga en Cristo, El Vuelo de la Mariposa y la Oruga, and You can heal! An intimate diary of writing and mandalas for total healing and his most recent work CocinaSana, a great cooking book for everyone.

Yakeen Carrión, HHD, MBA, LMT, ERYT
Recognized lecturer and educator in wellness techniques. He manages to impart his expertise in techniques in yoga in a cheerful and profound way. Direct student of the BKS Iyengar teachers, Dada JP Vaswani and Keshava Bhat; who specializes in holistic care through the use of postures.


Annette Tomey, BA, LMT, ERYT
By combining her vast experience as an educator, masseuse, yoga teacher and mother, she manages to impart effective techniques for the physical body, in a relaxed atmosphere. His holistic approach allows him to teach a professional training and at the same time integrated personal growth.


  • Active participation on every Sunday workshop or to take the corresponding substitution privately (additional cost)

  • Participate in one weekly class or more at Artes Místicas (50% discount)

  • To give a supervised class at the end of the year!

Investment in your wellbeing

Complete: One payment of $2,699 + weekly yoga classes with 50% discount
Financed: Down payment of $799 + 10 payments of $199 + weekly yoga classes with 50% discount


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